2020 annual game night


Like many organizations, we are making the difficult decision to cancel our annual fundraiser, Perk Center Cafe Game Night, scheduled for Tuesday May 5, 2020. We are all very disappointed but know you understand that we had no real choice.

To those of you who might be new to us and to our loyal and enthusiastic supporters, we ask for your steadfast support. Perk Center Cafe is a small organization doing extremely important work with the funds it receives. Game Night, our only fundraising event raised over $20,000 last year. Unlike many other organizations who have a larger donor base, we are counting on supporters like you more than ever.

We understand these are precarious financial times. We are asking you to donate at any level to help us meet our financial needs. To donate or sponsor, please see the links below. Each of you has the ability to make a big difference.



We look forward to seeing everyone in May 2021. With your support, our employees will soon go back to work and continue their vocational training. Thank you for helping to make the program strong!

Wishing you health during this challenging time and we hope to see you soon for a cup of coffee, when we reopen, at the Perk Center Cafe.

Perk Center Game Night Committee,

Lisa Berg Carol Patinkin
Debbie Douglas Carol Pomerantz
Carla Frisch Rachel Sapinsly
Marlene Kerstein Bonnie Sloan
Gail Metrick Caryn Zelinger
Jacob Metrick